Spanish Photo Flashcards: Medical – Pharmacology

… Spanish Photo Flashcards: Medical – Pharmacology las foto-tarjetas en español: médico – la farmacología LEAF Spanish Vocabulary: Medical – Pharmacology Click on any thumbnail below to start a slideshow. Click on the LEFT or RIGHT arrows to navigate. You can also use the LEFT or RIGHT arrow keys to navigate. …

Instructional Resources: Video Resources For The Classroom

BETA LIST … Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown (Warning: Language, General Crudeness) Netflix / CNN S1E3: Colombia S1E8: Peru S2E2: Spain S3E4: Mexico S4E3: Paraguay S6E1: Cuba S7E8: Argentina Departures Netflix / Canada S2E5: Cuba S2E11: Chile P1 S2E12: Chile P2 S2E7: Ecuador The Voyager with Josh Garcia Hulu / NBC (E/I) S1E1: Mayan Madness (Valladolid, […]

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