Folium: Which American Accent Do You Have? via Now this is a fun one, so I’ll keep this short! I get asked about accents and dialects a lot in class, and I’ll make my declaration to the world here… Yes! Spaniards, Mexicans, Chileans, Costa Ricans, all have very different Spanish accents. But that’s not all! Just like in the United States, people […]

Folium: MOVE via

MOVE via Vimeo I don’t consider myself a “language” professor. While I can hold my own on the principles of Spanish and French linguistics, and I’m well versed in the cultural theories and histories of these people, all these things take a back seat to the actual experience of using languages to meet people. I […]

Folium: For Typing Characters and Symbols (I don’t have “ñ”!) This is genius in its simplicity. The website is and it is exactly what it advertises. If you don’t know how, or are too tired of looking up windows ALT codes to create special characters then this is the site for you! You are presented with a bubble-wrap-like interface […]

Folium: Parenting is the same in any language!

YouTube Link For your approval… A father with his small child. I saw this video a few months ago, and was reintroduced to it after it hit over 14 million views on YouTube. Since then the video has added translations, and I’m happy to present it to y’all. I’m going to skip the usual diatribe […]

Folium: The Exploding Internet via

The Exploding Internet via In academic institutions, I sometimes have a difficult time convincing students (and other faculty) why languages are no longer an elective – but should be a requirement for all programs. Nothing upsets me more than a student who is born, raised, goes to school, and gets a job in the […]

Folium: The Inner Workings of Google Translate via

Google gives us some insight on the inner workings of Google Translate via Engadget You darn kids with your iPods and your Facebooks and the Twitters … All this technology doesn’t grow on trees y’know! Did you know that Google can translate stuff? And that they’re pretty darned good at it too! In fact, Google […]

Folium: Inspirational St. Patrick’s Day Quotes on Parenting via Strollerderby

Inspirational St. Patrick’s Day Quotes on Parenting via Strollerderby What? We can cover other languages and cultures besides Spanish and French! Because of fast-approaching St. Patrick’s Day I thought that we could take a few minutes to think about the Emerald Isle. Have you ever seen this place? It’s incredible! And while I’m not a […]

Folium: 5 Insane Ways Words Can Control Your Mind via

5 Insane Ways Words Can Control Your Mind via There’s something that you realize after your first few linguistics classes. Your perception of the world is shaped by the words you use to describe it. We can only understand those things that we are able to express to others, in our own system of […]

Folium: How Are You Today? via

How Are You Today? via We write a lot on LEAF about how everyone around the world is more alike than we realize. Peoples is peoples! Today’s Infographic comes from Skype via (am I crazy for not being used to international web address endings yet?) When we meet new people, there is always […]

Folium: How to Plan for Long-term Travel via Fodor’s

How to Plan for Long-term Travel via Fodor’s “I just don’t have the time!” This, and financial concerns, are the two most common reasons why people don’t engage in travel. And to a certain extent, I can sympathize. Traveling can be very expensive, and time seems harder to come by as we get older. This […]