Folium: Redefining “Polyglot” via YouTube

Folium: Redefining "Polyglot" via YouTube

Folium: Redefining “Polyglot” via YouTube

Folium: Redefining “Polyglot” via YouTube

Your word of the day is “polyglot“. I’d tell you to look it up, but I’ll do the dirty work for you and link to the definition right here. Take a second…

Ok, so now that we have that down, take a look at this!

“A sampling of the languages I’ve been studying recently. I’m clearly better at some than others, so any critiques or advice would be great!” – YouTube user PolyglotPal

Pretty cool, and a nugget of a much bigger concept. Many students complain that languages are too hard, they’re too old to learn, they don’t have the time, they’ll never use them, they don’t have the time…


This video is the shining example of what is possible, what can be done once the mental blocks are removed. Once a student pushes past the doubt and fear, raw potential and talent can be utilized to do great things, just like in this video.

I understand that we all can’t be master linguists, but what’s really stopping us from trying? This is possible!

What has stopped you from learning languages in the past?

Why do you think that most Americans don’t learn languages until later on in life? Let us know in the comments below!


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