Instructional Resources: BlackBoard Guide

Instructional Resources: BlackBoard Guide

Instructional Resources: BlackBoard Guide

1. Remember your  login and password.

Instructions on obtaining your login and password are located on the Blackboard homepage. Additional help can be obtained via the Open SUNY helpdesk, or the FLCC Computer Helpdesk.

2. Identify and enter your courses.

All current courses will appear in the My FLCC window inside Blackboard. Look for your Modern Language Course and click on the course to enter. If your Modern Language course does not appear, please contact the Open SUNY helpdesk.

3. Check for course announcements and mail.

Course announcements will appear at the top of the course homepage, and will often contain a video. Make sure to check your FLCC email address (NOT Blackboard messages, but your real email address via FLCC) for updates.

4. Utilize the left-hand menu for the Course Syllabus and Instructions.

The left-hand menu will contain all of the information you need to get started in your Modern Language course. Make sure to review all of the guides carefully!

5. Dive into the Course Content.

The Course Content area will contain all of the Learning Modules for the course. There will be six Learning Modules total in your Modern Language Course.

6. Submit a greeting in the Open Forum.

The Open Forum is where you can ask any question at any time. Make sure to introduce yourself here first and get to know your classmates!

7. Plan your time with the Course Calendar.

The Course Calendar link is found on the left-hand menu, and contains all of the due dates for each task in the course.

8. Check your latest grades and instructor feedback.

The “Check My Grades” link appears on the left-hand menu, and contains up-to-date information on your grades in your Modern Language Course.

9. Squash common bugs!

Double check your web browser settings, and have a backup web browser in case your primary web browser doesn’t work well with Blackboard. We recommend having access to Firefox, Chrome, or Safari (for Mac) (all free and secure downloads).

Need Help?
  • SUNY Learning Network (SLN) Phone Number: 1-800-875-6269
  • SUNY Learning Network (SLN) HelpDesk:
  • FLCC’s Office of Online Learning: (585) 785-1303