Instructional Resources: Synthesis Project (Step 6) Guide

Instructional Resources: Synthesis Project (Step 6) Guide

Instructional Resources: Synthesis Project (Step 6) Guide

Instructional Resources: Synthesis Project (Step 6) Guide

Top Ten Things You Need to Know About The Synthesis Project (Step 6) Task:

1. Access the Synthesis Tasks through your ANGEL course.

Each step of the Synthesis Task is found in each Learning Module in ANGEL.

2. Understand the purpose and scope of the Synthesis Project.

The Synthesis process in each Learning Module leads to the creation of a final creative project at the end of the semester.

3. Utilize the resources provided by ANGEL and The LEAF Project.

Each Synthesis step has additional resources that will help you successfully complete the task.

4. Read the directions for the final step carefully.

The Devil’s in the details. Make sure to read all directions, even if you have done this before in a previous class.

5. Explore the different tools that The LEAF Project provides.

The LEAF Project provides theme and topic examples, free digital resources, and examples of works created in the past.

6. Ask questions if you do not understand.

Utilize the “El Café” open forum to communicate any questions or concerns with your instructor.

7. Create a stand-alone project, synthesizing the research into something creative!

This is the most important part of the project. The final “synthesis” of your research should be used to create a product that illustrates the importance of your research in a creative and engaging manner.

8. Communicate with your instructor if you have a digital or physical project.

All students, online and face to face, will have the opportunity to turn in their project details via ANGEL. Also, any online student wishing to present their project to the face to face class are welcome to do so!

9. Make sure that the project is useful and resonates with you!

This project is for YOU! Choose a project topic and creative interpretation that you find interesting and fun. The final step should show us something about you as well!

10. Evaluate your grade using the grading rubric.

Each step of the Synthesis process is individually graded using a grading rubric. Check the rubric for feedback and details.

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