Instructional Resources: (Speaking Task) Voicethread Guide

Instructional Resources: (Speaking Task) Voicethread Guide

Instructional Resources: (Speaking Task) Voicethread Guide

1. Manage Voicethreads on a separate website, is NOT affiliated with FLCC, and is a separate web site that you access in order to make audio recordings.

2. Create a separate Voicethread account, which is NOT associated in any way with FLCC or Blackboard.

Creating a Voicethread account is free and very easy. Make sure to select an avatar (account) picture that reflects who you are! Make your voice stand out!

3. Find links to specific Voicethread pages in each Speaking Task throughout your Modern Language course.

Each learning module contains Speaking Tasks that contain specific links to each prepared Voicethread to make your audio or video recordings.

4. Record your speaking tasks on the Voicethreads provided by your instructor. You will NEVER need to create your own voicethreads.

Each Voicethread will contain at least an introduction page and the actual speaking task questions. (Some Voicethreads may have additional media as well). Record your response on the question page, as indicated on the Voicethread. Do NOT translate any of the questions or answers into English!

5. Update your web browser (Firefox, Safari, Chrome) and Adobe Flash! You must also grant Adobe Flash permission to use your webcam or microphone.

Make sure that you are using an up-to-date operating system, web browser, and Adobe Flash. Updated versions are required in order to make sure the Voicethread accepts your recordings correctly.

6. Utilize your phone to make Voicethread recordings. You may have to purchase a pack of “minutes” in order to complete the recordings. This is optional, but a good backup for when the computer doesn’t work.

Using your phone to make Voicethread recordings is a great option when you are experiencing computer problems, or need to make a recording when a computer is not available.

7. Begin all recordings with your first and last names, so we know who you are!

Don’t forget! We need to know who you are!

8. Repeat the question, and give the answer, in complete sentences, in the target language!

Follow the Voicethread directions carefully in order to receive full credit.

9. Hit the comment button to make your recording, and again to stop recording.

Watch the video for a full demonstration!

10. Confirm your avatar icon next to the Voicethread questions. If it’s there, you have successfully recorded your Voicethread.

Take some time to listen to your recording and confirm that it sounds the way that you would like. You should only make one recording. You can delete old recordings and replace them as you please. Once completed, your avatar icon will appear next to the question page. If you can see your icon, your instructor can too!

This is a DEMO Voicethread. Press PLAY to hear instructions,
and click COMMENT to record a comment of your own!