Spanish Grammar: Prepositions of Place

Spanish Grammar: Prepositions of Place

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Spanish Grammar: Prepositions of Place
la gramática española: las preposiciones del lugar

  • Locates (or arranges) people, places, or things.
  • Describe the location of objects in relation to other things.


Spanish prepositions of place are used to locate people, places, or things in relation to another person, place, or thing. It’s all relative!

Prepositions of place are most often used with the verb ESTAR, to indicate location.
Also, note the LEAF Spanish Grammar Lesson, The Verb ESTAR With Location.

Most prepositions of place also team up with the word DE to help relate things to each other.

However, remember when DE is used next to the definite article EL, they merge to become DEL. This is quite common with prepositions of place.

a : to / into

Nosotros vamos a la tienda.
We are going to the store.

a la derecha de : to the right of

El libro está a la derecha del teléfono.
The book is to the right of the telephone.

a la izquierda de : to the left of

El vaso está a la izquierda del plato.
The glass is to the left of the plate.

al lado de : beside to / next to

El papel está al lado del lápiz.
The paper is beside the pencil.

junto a : beside / next to

La tienda está junto al restaurante.
The store is next to the restaurant.

cerca de : near

La iglesia está cerca de la plaza.
The church is near the plaza.

lejos de : far from

No estámos muy lejos de la casa.
We are not very far from the house.

arriba de : above

La foto está arriba del armario.
The photo is above the dresser.

debajo de : below

El perro está debajo de la silla.
The dog is below the chair.

dentro de : inside

El regalo está dentro de la caja.
The gift is inside the box.

fuera de : outside

El estadio está fuera de la ciudad.
The stadium is outside the city.

detrás de : behind

Los cables están detrás de la computadora.
The cables are behind the computer.

encima de : on top of

Los platos están encima de la mesa.
The plates are on top of the table.

sobre : over / on top

El mantel está sobre la mesa.
The tablecloth is on top of the table.

enfrente de : in front / facing

La tienda está enfrente del restaurant.
The store is in front of the restaurant.

delante de : in front

El carro está delante de la tienda.
The car is in front of the store.

entre : between

La silla está entre dos árboles grandes.
The chair is in between two large trees.

en : in / on / at

Estamos en la clase.
We are in class.


¿Qué hay detrás de la silla?
What is there behind the chair?

¿Dónde está?
Where is it?

¿Dónde lo pongo?
Where do I place it?

¿Quién vive al lado del restaurante?
Who lives next to the restaurant?

¿Cuándo vamos fuera del cuarto?
When will we go out of the room?

¿Por qué hay tantos enfrente de nosotros?
Why are there so many in front of us?

¿Cuántas personas están cercas de usted?
How many people are close to you?

¿Cuál es mejor, arriba o abajo?
What is best, above or below?