Spanish Grammar: Imperfect Regular [-AR] Verbs

Spanish Grammar: Imperfect Regular [-AR] Verbs

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Spanish Grammar: Imperfect Regular [-AR] Verbs
la gramática española: verbos regulares [-ar] en el imperfecto

  • Expresses a variety of actions occurring in the past.
  • Properly frame a story and express ongoing or recurring actions.


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When speaking about the past in English, you choose which past tense to use depending on the context and the meaning you wish to convey. In Spanish sentences, you choose which past tense you use depending only on the meaning you wish to convey.

Here is how you conjugate [-AR] verbs in the imperfect (past) tense!

  [-AR] Verbs: Imperfect Past Tense Endings
yo [-aba]
él/ella/usted [-aba]
nosotros(as) [-ábamos]
vosotros(as) [-abais]
ellos/ellas/ustedes [-aban]

Note, in the NOSOTROS form, the accent mark on the first [a]. This can make a big difference in pronunciation!

Here are some common [-AR] verbs conjugated in the imperfect past tense!

AYUDAR : To help

Él ayudaba a los otros.
He helped others.

CAMINAR : To walk

Yo caminaba por el río cada día.
I walked by the river every day.

CANTAR : To sing

Nosotros cantábamos en el coro.
We used to sing in the choir.

COCINAR : To cook

Ella cocinaba en el restaurante.
She used to cook in the restaurant.

ENSEÑAR : To teach

¿Tú enseñabas inglés in China?
You used to teach English in China?

ESTUDIAR : To study

Ellos estudiaban en la biblioteca cada lunes.
They studied in the library every Monday.

And more…


¿Qué cantaba la niña?
What did the little girl sing?
¿A qué hora descansaba en la casa?
What time did you used to rest at home?

¿Dónde caminaba cada día?
Where did he used to walk every day?

¿Quién cocinaba por ellos?
Who cooked for them?

¿Con quién hablaba en México?
Who did you used to speak with in Mexico?

¿Cómo enseñaba usted estos niños?
How did you teach these kids?

¿Por qué viajaba tanto?
Why did you travel so much?

¿Patinaba usted cuando era niño?
Did you skate when you were a child?



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