Spanish Grammar: Relative Adjectives – [CUYO]

Spanish Grammar: Relative Adjectives - [CUYO]

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Spanish Grammar: Relative Adjectives – [CUYO]
la gramática española: los pronombres adjetivos – [cuyo]

  • Relative Adjectives help refer to a noun previously mentioned.
  • They “relate” to nouns in statements/conversations.


Cuyo means who/whose in English, and must change in number and gender with the nouns being possessed, not necessarily the speaker.

La niña, cuyo padre es profesor, es muy simpática.
The girl, whose father is a professor, is very nice.

El hombre, cuya madre murió, escribió su biografía.
The man, whose mother died, wrote her biography.

El coche, cuyos faros no funcionan, es un peligro.
The car, whose lights do not work, is a danger.

Pedro, cuyas hermanas son guapas, es mi amigo.
Pedro, whose sisters are beautiful, is my friend.

This may not work in English the same way it works in Spanish!


Mi tía, cuya amiga es profesora, viene a visitarme hoy día.
My aunt, whose friend is a professor, is coming to visit me today.