Spanish Grammar: Nouns – Indefinite Articles

Spanish Grammar: Indefinite Articles

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Spanish Grammar: Nouns – Indefinite Articles
la gramática española: los sustantivos – los artículos indefinidos

  • Identify and define non-specific noun(s) in a sentence.
  • Indicate the number and gender of a noun.


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Indefinite Articles : (los artículos indefinidos)

The indefinite article (el artículo indefinido) in English is : A-An / Some things …

The indefinite article is used with a NON-specific noun, or a noun that has NOT been mentioned.

In Spanish, the indefinite article also helps us identify the number (el número) and gender (el género) of the noun.

There are FOUR different indefinite articles, split by number and gender.

Masculine: UN / UNOS
Feminine: UNA / UNAS

Un libro.
A book (any book!)

Unos libros.
Some books (doesn’t matter which books!)

Una silla.
A chair (any chair!)

Unas sillas.
Some chairs (doesn’t matter which chairs!)

The indefinite articles UN / UNA can also mean “one” when telling that there is one (1) of something.  When using any other number to tell how many nouns there are, you do NOT need to use an article at all.

Yo tengo un cuaderno.
I have a notebook. / I have one notebook.

Ella tiene tres libros.
She has three books.



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