French Vocabulary: Numbers 100-1000+

… Identify: French Vocabulary: Numbers 100-1000+ le vocabulaire français: les nombres 100-1000+ Learning numbers 100-1000 (les nombres cent – mille) and beyond is very important in every major aspect of Francophone culture. You can tell time, buy and sell things, and count anything you want! Knowing numbers is a basic element of communication in any culture! Study: Learning numbers 100-1000 (les nombres […]

Spanish Vocabulary: Numbers 100-1000+

… Identify Spanish Vocabulary: Numbers 100-1000+ el vocabulario español: los números 100-1000+ Express basic concepts of quantity. Build upon the foundation of number patterns. … Connect LEAF Spanish Vocabulary: Numbers 0-10 LEAF Spanish Vocabulary: Numbers 11-29 LEAF Spanish Vocabulary: Numbers 30-100 … Study Here is a useful word to start off with: cuánto(s) : how much […]