French Grammar: More about Adjective Placement

… Identify: French Grammar: More about Adjective Placement la grammaire française: la disposition des adjectifs – suite In French, the position of adjectives (adjective placement) is very important.  Most French adjectives go after the nouns they qualify. A few adjectives go before the nouns they modify.  And some adjectives can go either before OR after […]

French Grammar: Adjectives – Basics

Identify: French Grammar: Adjectives – Basics la grammaire française: les adjectifs – rudiments Adjectives are essential for describing nouns and pronouns. These key components let you describe people, animals, places, concepts, and things! Study: First let’s take another look at nouns.  In both English and in French, nouns have number; that is, a noun can […]

French Grammar: Demonstrative Adjectives

… Identify: French Grammar: Demonstrative Adjectives la grammaire française: les adjectifs démonstratifs Used to point out (demonstrate) people, places, and things. Must agree in gender and number with the nouns they modify. Study: Don’t get Demonstrative Adjectives confused with Demonstrative Pronouns! They look somewhat similar, but have different functions! Demonstrative Adjectives can mean either this/that or these/those. […]

French Vocabulary: Colors

Identify: French Vocabulary: Colors vocabulaire français: les couleurs Descriptive adjectives that can be applied to any noun. Detail the appearance of people, places, and things. Study: Colors (les couleurs) team up best with all kinds of things! You can use colors when you’re talking about clothing or food, objects like books or money, or things […]