French Vocabulary: Household Chores

Identify: French Vocabulary: Household Chores le vocabulaire français: les tâches ménagères Common verbs express day-to-day activities. Use these verbs, and others like them, to take care of the home. Study: Learning to talk about household chores can help you communicate your living accommodations and responsibilities to others! This can help you work around the house, or […]

Spanish Vocabulary: Household Chores

… Identify Spanish Vocabulary: Household Chores el vocabulario español: los quehaceres domésticos Common verbs express day-to-day activities. Describe various activities within living spaces. … Connect LEAF Spanish Grammar: Verb Conjugation – Basics … Study arreglar : to arrange (straighten up) Yo arreglo mi dormitorio. I arrange my room. ayudar : to help Mi hermana ayuda […]