Spanish Vocabulary: The 24-Hour Clock

… Identify Spanish Vocabulary: The 24-hour Clock el vocabulario español: el sistema de 24 horas More commonly known as military time. Utilized when operations run day and night continually. … Connect LEAF Spanish Grammar: The Verb [SER] with Telling Time … Study In most Spanish-speaking countries (and, in fact, in most countries other than the U.S.), […]

French Grammar: Telling Time – The 24-Hour Clock (L’Heure Officielle)

… Identify: French Grammar: Telling Time – The 24-Hour Clock le grammaire français: l’heure officielle Study: In France, as well as most other European countries, time is usually expressed on a 24-hour clock (what we in the United States generally refer to as “military time”).  The 24-hour system is called “L’Heure Officielle” in French.  It is especially […]