Gemini - Course Design and Objectives

Gemini – Course Design and Objectives

… Gemini – Learning Module and Objective Structures All World Language courses at FLCC are built on the same organizational platform and fitted with level-appropriate content and objectives. Each course contains course objectives. These course objectives are supported by six Learning Modules with individual module objectives. … French 101 @ FLCC (v.4) French 102 @ FLCC (v.4) […]

Gemini - World Language Course Philosophy

Gemini – World Language Course Philosophy

… Gemini – Course Philosophy All World Language courses at FLCC are designed for Liberal Arts / General Studies majors with the intent to broaden students’ knowledge of language, culture, and travel as these apply to their interests and career path. … The majority of World Language students at FLCC have been exempted from language […]

Aero: France 2018 - Epilogue

Aero: Piper Lambert-Vail – France 2018 – Epilogue

… … My entire life I’ve been listening to people say things like “[place] changed me!” or “I can never look at America the same way after going to [place]”. I’ve heard it so much that it has become somewhat of a cliche. A person spends a few weeks abroad and comes back changed. But […]

Aero: France 2018 - Epilogue

Aero: Henry Livingston – France 2018 – Epilogue

… … Travel is a great way to expose yourself to new concepts, conditions, and test your abilities in a multitude of ways. I think that travel allows for more introspection, especially when reflecting upon it in this manner. It taught me a variety of new philosophies and showed me countless new perspectives. I believe […]

Aero: France 2018 - Epilogue

Aero: Hannah Miller – France 2018 – Epilogue

… … I was really glad that I ended up going on this trip because I was able to learn a lot about myself. During this trip I knew that I was going to have to step way out of my comfort zone to really enjoy and experience as much as possible. I am usually […]

Aero: France 2018 - Epilogue

Aero: Dallas Zebrowski – France 2018 – Epilogue

… … When boiled down, all of the information I received and processed, the critical thoughts I pondered, and the personal revelations I reflected upon left me with one unambiguous, concrete notion about myself and the world that I live in. Before I reveal this realization, let me first give warning that the notion in […]

Aero: France 2018 - Epilogue

Aero: Brent Roberts – France 2018 – Epilogue

… … My trip to France was an incredible experience. It didn’t change me as much as it reinforced knowledge and viewpoints which I already possessed. This trip bolstered my travel experience. It also fortified my views on the world and being part of it. Most importantly, it helped me get a deeper understanding of […]

Aero: France 2018 - Epilogue

Aero: Amanda Vitale – France 2018 – Epilogue

… … I believe that I learned quite a lot about myself after participating in this amazing opportunity. I’ve noticed that a few of my behaviors have positively changed. I have recently started to recycle more. I currently live with my parents and 3 sisters and I’ve realized that we do not recycle as much […]

Aero: France 2018 - Epilogue

Aero: Alaina Steensma – France 2018 – Epilogue

… … Throughout the course of this trip, from preparation to the weeks after i have learned a number of immeasurable things about not only myself but my culture and theirs. To start with myself i learned that being able to change plans at a moments notice and to not get hung up on a […]

Aero: France 2018 - Epilogue

Aero: Arvilla Mast – France 2018 – Epilogue

… … So, what did I learn about myself on my first visit abroad? For one thing I learned I’m a lot more courageous than I ever gave myself credit for. Granted we were never in any real danger as we were very chaperoned, but coming from someone who didn’t used to be able to […]