French Grammar: Possessive Adjectives

Identify: French Grammar: Possessive Adjectives la grammaire française: les adjectifs possessifs Study: Possessive adjectives indicate possession. They let us know what is mine, yours, his, hers, or ours. Just like other descriptive adjectives, possessive adjectives must agree in number (singular and plural) with the OBJECT(S) they are possessing (that is, with the thing/s that are being […]

French Vocabulary: Physical Descriptions with [ÊTRE]

… Identify: French Vocabulary: Physical Descriptions with [ÊTRE] le vocabulaire français: les descriptions physiques avec le verbe [être] Adjectives are words that describe people, places, and things. Use these terms to describe yourself, other people, and places around the world. Study: A conjugated form of the verb ÊTRE is often used to express physical descriptions […]

French Grammar: The Verb ÊTRE – Verb Conjugation Chart

… ÊTRE : TO BE Infinitive ÊTRE Conjugation IRREGULAR Present Participle ÉTANT Past Participle ÉTÉ … Simple Tenses, Indicative Mood: Présent Imparfait Passé Simple Futur je suis étais fus serai tu es étais fus seras il / elle / on est était fut sera nous sommes étions fûmes serons vous êtes étiez fûtes serez ils […]

French Vocabulary: Colors

Identify: French Vocabulary: Colors vocabulaire français: les couleurs Descriptive adjectives that can be applied to any noun. Detail the appearance of people, places, and things. Study: Colors (les couleurs) team up best with all kinds of things! You can use colors when you’re talking about clothing or food, objects like books or money, or things […]

French Vocabulary: Academic Subjects

… Identify: French Vocabulary: Academic Subjects le vocabulaire français: les matières Schools and universities have specific nouns for programs and classes. Utilize the correct names for classes, programs, and degrees. Study: You’ll find that academic areas of study are very similar all over the world! Students often discuss their interests and academic majors, and being […]

French Video: Greetings – Le bisou français

French Video: Greetings – Le bisou français via worldtothewise via Questions: TBA The LEAF Project Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0

Aero: Giverny, France – First Impressions

Aero: Giverny, France – First Impressions via The LEAF Project Bonjour! First of all, I must apologize for taking so long to post—apparently Internet access can be somewhat tricky in rural France. I’ve had some amazing experiences in the past week, but before anything else I have to share my thoughts on the local scenery […]

Free French Learning Links

Language Resources: French Language Learning Links

This is a living document of web sites that can be used as additional resources to learning languages face to face and online. We hope to curate this list and add and subtract sites as necessary. If there are any web sites that you love, and are not on this list, give us a shout […]