Instructional Resources: Language Writing Skills

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Instructional Resources: Language Reading Skills

… Reading Strategies for Modern Languages: The readings selected during this semester were designed with two purposes in mind: (1) To provide information you are capable of understanding. (2) To give you confidence in reading in the language you are studying. Before reading, you should determine what your purpose for reading is, as this will […]

Instructional Resources: Speaking Task (Voicethread) Guide

… Speaking Task Video Guide and Demo Voicethread  … (Direct Link to Voicethread Page!) This is a DEMO Voicethread. Press PLAY to hear instructions, and click COMMENT to record a comment of your own! … (rev. 04 October 2018)

Instructional Resources: Synthesis Project Guide

… Synthesis Project Video Guide  … Synthesis Project @ FLCC – Overview Module 1: Resources  – Verify your understanding of the Synthesis Project creation process. – Increase working knowledge of the FLCC Library and the FLCC Writing Center. Module 2: Topic  – Reflect on a topic related to the culture of the target language […]

Instructional Resources: Folium Task Guide

… Folium Task Video Guide … Folium Task Objectives and Targets Improve cultural awareness through critical reading and reflective writing. Improve critical thinking skills through critical reading and reflective writing. Consider the benefits of learning language, travel, and culture as they relate to you. … Select any [Folium] article from The LEAF Project. [] Read […]

Instructional Resources: The LEAF Project Guide

… The LEAF Project Video Guide …

Instructional Resources: Blackboard Guide

… Blackboard Video Guide … Blackboard Technical (and Emotional?) Support SUNY Learning Network (SLN) Phone Number: 1-800-875-6269 SUNY Learning Network (SLN) HelpDesk: FLCC’s Office of Online Learning: (585) 785-1303