Spanish Photo Flashcards: House and Home – Basics

… Spanish Photo Flashcards: House and Home – Basics las foto-tarjetas en español: la casa y el hogar – los básicos LEAF Spanish Vocabulary: House and Home – Basics Click on any thumbnail below to start a slideshow. Click on the LEFT or RIGHT arrows to navigate. You can also use the LEFT or RIGHT arrow keys to navigate. …

Spanish Vocabulary: Home – Basics

… Identify Spanish Vocabulary : Home – Basics el vocabulario español : la casa – los básicos Names of common places and objects at home. Describe various elements of living spaces. … Connect LEAF Spanish Grammar: Nouns – Basics LEAF Spanish Grammar: The Verb [ESTAR] with Location … Study el aire acondicionado : air conditioning El […]

Spanish Reading Selections: Shopping at IKEA

… A word about reading texts in their original language: This is freaking hard! Yup. Languages can be complicated! Can’t I just use Google translate on this stuff and read it in English? I guess you could… Then why should I read this? Because reading texts like this can accelerate your language learning. So, what […]

Aero: David Whitt – Costa Rica 2016 – Life at Home

… My host family was Maria Marta and Big Marco, and their two sons Marco and Daniel. Walking into the house, we realized that the house was very beautiful! Very neat and tidy, spacious, and had a beautiful backyard with plants all around. They immediately gave an impression that they were very friendly and family-oriented, […]

Aero: Ana Northrop – Costa Rica 2016 – Life at Home

… One of the most significant things I noticed about families in Costa Rica is the large amount of love they show publicly.  The children lock arms with their parents or hug them at an older age where here in the U.S it wouldn’t be considered “cool” to do that in public.  Here that could […]

Aero: Alysa Halsey – Costa Rica 2016 – Life at Home

… Before leaving for the trip, I honestly didn’t think too much about what it would be like to live with a host family; I had enough to worry about. Nevertheless, the sooner it got to meeting them at the airport, the more real it became, and the more worry I felt. Despite my sudden […]

Aero: Sarah Warner – Costa Rica 2016 – Life at Home

… Although I love to travel and have stayed away from my family for weeks to months at a time, I still had a few nerves about staying with a foreign family for a couple weeks.  I wanted them to like me, and I certainly did not want to come across as rude or ignorant.  […]

Aero: Brianna Cardina – Costa Rica 2016 – Life at Home

… Life at home was the same, yet different. We all ate food together, chatted with each other about our days, and went to bed at decent times. But we had new foods, a language barrier, and an earlier bed time. … … In the mornings, we were waken up at 6 AM or earlier… […]

Aero: Brianna Jackson – Costa Rica 2016 – Life at Home

… Living with a host family in Costa Rica was one of my biggest concerns. I was worried about living with complete strangers, who didn’t speak English, in a foreign country that I had never been to. I didn’t want to make the wrong impression, doing something that would offend them, and so on. I […]

Aero: Tiffany Bane – Costa Rica 2016 – Life at Home

… My host family was amazing, and very loving. Our host mother was always asking the four of us in the house if we needed anything to be more comfortable and were always trying to feed us. Of course we were always ready for food. By the time we got up in the morning, there […]

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