French Vocabulary: Insects

… Identify: French Vocabulary: Insects le vocabulaire français: les insectes You can’t escape from bugs all over the world! Study: une abeille : bee Les abeilles font le miel. Bees make honey. une araignée: spider Je n’aime pas les araignées. I don’t like spiders. un cafard : cockroach Nous tuons tous les cafards. We are […]

Spanish Vocabulary: Insects

… Identify Spanish Vocabulary: Insects el vocabulario español: los insectos Insects are found all over the world. Identify and correctly name various species of insects. … Connect LEAF Spanish Grammar: Nouns – Basics … Study la abeja : bee Las abejas producen miel. Bees produce honey. el áfido : aphid Mis rosas tienen áfidos. My […]