Terra: French Style

… Maybe it’s a stereotype to say that the French are fashionable. Not all of them are. There are of course your average Joe’s who just wear jeans and tees all the time. The difference for me was that a larger amount of the population had higher fashion and/or beauty standards than the population in […]

French Grammar: The Conditional Mood

… Identify: French Grammar: The Conditional Mood la grammaire française: le mode conditionnel The Conditional Mood (le mode conditionnel) in French is used in much the same way as the Conditional Mood in English to discuss events that are not certain to occur. Often, these events depend on other conditions (hence, the term “Conditional” mood). […]

French Vocabulary: Fashion Accessories

Identify: French Vocabulary: Fashion Accessories le vocabulaire français: les accessoires de mode Often used with clothing and materials. Identify and choose the right fashion accessories to wear for any occasion. Study: Concepts and trends in fashion (la mode) come from all over the world, and Paris is one of the major international capitals of fashion […]