Aero: Jason Palmer – France 2015 – Travel

Aero: Jason Palmer – France 2015 – Travel … … Traveling outside of the United States is an adventure.  The hardest part of the trip for me, was getting my passport in a timely fashion.  Our flight out of Rochester was ordinary.  Passing through security was extremely quick, usual screening processes were employed.  An extended layover […]

Aero: Jason Palmer – France 2015 – History and Culture

Aero: Jason Palmer – France 2015 – History and Culture … … We think that there is a lot of history here in the United States.  Yes, undoubtedly, may significant things have happened here.  Yet, in comparison to the history of France and England, we are young.  No matter where you went, history was all around […]

Aero: Jason Palmer – France 2015 – Food and Dining

Aero: Jason Palmer – France 2015 – Food and Dining … … Two given staples on all dining tables were carafes of water and endless bread.  The French are definitely not shy of their cheese and butter either.  I will say that the food was fantastic.  It simply could have been the aura of being in […]

Aero: Jason Palmer – France 2015 – City Life

Aero: Jason Palmer – France 2015 – City Life … … France is much different than the United States.  In Paris in particular, most of the residents either rode bicycles or drove mopeds.  This was very common.  The metro, their version of the subway was widely used to maneuver throughout the city.  This is much the same […]

Aero: Emma (Reno) Bondi – France 2015 – City Life

Aero: Emma (Reno) Bondi – France 2015 – City Life … … Let me tell you about my one true love, the Paris metro system. I have never been one who enjoys driving. I have a car and yes, it is a great convenience, but it is also a great burden. I remember the days long […]

Terra: French Immersion – France

Immersion – this is a word that anyone who’s ever studied a foreign language has heard. It is tough to reach a certain level of mastery before being immersed in the language you’re studying, meaning that everyone around you is speaking that language. … … For me, that language was French and my way of […]

Terra: Le Louvre – Paris, France

Le Louvre- one of the world’s largest museums. It is home to some of the finest works of artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Claude Monet, and Auguste Renoir. There are sculptures, paintings, drawings, and countless other works of art. Also, Le Louvre is home to lots of ancient art and artifacts- both European and […]

Aero: Kelsey Castro – France 2015 – My Expectations

As a relatively inexperienced traveler, I am looking forward to the new opportunities that this trip to France will bring me. I often think about the fact that I was born in the United States of America, and how sheltered many Americans are from the rest of the world. Living here, it is very easy […]

Aero: Emma (Reno) Bondi – France 2015 – My Expectations

What to expect in a foreign country. I wish I could ask myself this question the same way I did four years ago, before my first trip to France, when the culture shock was greater and the world bigger in my young eyes. There will undoubtedly still be a culture shock, since it has been […]

Aero: Ayla Sandifur – France 2015 – My Expectations

The fact that I have this opportunity to travel to France is absolutely insane to me. I still haven’t fully processed that I will be in a foreign country in a matter of no time. This is an amazing opportunity that I couldn’t pass up and I could never forgive myself if I didn’t take […]