French Grammar: The Subjunctive with Indefinite Clauses

… Identify: French Grammar: The Subjunctive with Indefinite Clauses la grammaire française: le subjonctif avec les propositions indéfinies Review: French Grammar: The Subjunctive – Basics Study: The subjunctive is used when we are uncertain whether or not an action will take place. If we know that the action is or will be a reality, the indicative […]

French Grammar: Conditional Sentences – [SI] Clauses

… Identify: French Grammar: Conditional Sentences – [SI] Clauses la grammaire française: les propositions conditionnelles Grammatically speaking, a clause is the smallest grammatical unit that can express a complete idea.  A typical clause consists of a subject and a verb (or verb phrase).  Simple sentences usually consist of a single clause.  More complex sentences can […]