Spanish Reading Selections: La Fiesta de San Fermín, Pamplona

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Terra: Bullfighting in San José, Costa Rica

Bullfighting evokes images of sequin-studded matadores in full regalia, sword in one hand and cape in the other. It is an intricate ballet, a dance with death. While recently conflicted with changing perspectives on animal cruelty, the sport lives on as a grisly testament to the triumph of man over beast. In Costa Rica, none […]

Spanish Vocabulary: St. Valentine’s Day

… Identify Spanish Vocabulary: St. Valentine’s Day el vocabulario español: el día de san valentín Words and phrases used to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Celebrate events with people all around the world. … Connect LEAF Spanish Grammar: Nouns – Basics … Study El día de San Valentín : Valentine’s Day Hoy es el día de San Valentín. Today […]