French Vocabulary: Getting Out of the House

… Identify: French Vocabulary: Getting Out of the House le vocabulaire français: sortir de la maison Verbs are used to communicate actions. Common verbs express day-to-day activities. Study: Here are examples of things to do and the places that you can do them. Think of these as a template to working with different verbs and […]

French Grammar: The Verb SORTIR – Verb Conjugation Chart

… SORTIR : TO GO OUT / LEAVE / EXIT Infinitive SORTIR Conjugation IRREGULAR Present Participle SORTANT Past Participle SORTI … Simple Tenses, Indicative Mood: Présent Imparfait Passé Simple Futur je sors sortais sortis sortirai tu sors sortais sortis sortiras il / elle / on sort sortait sortit sortira nous sortons sortions sortîmes sortirons vous […]