French Grammar: The Verb DEVOIR – Verb Conjugation Chart

… DEVOIR : TO HAVE TO / MUST / TO BE SUPPOSED TO / TO OWE Infinitive DEVOIR Conjugation IRREGULAR Present Participle DEVANT Past Participle DÛ (DUE) … Simple Tenses, Indicative Mood: Présent Imparfait Passé Simple Futur je  dois  devais dus  devrai tu  dois  devais  dus  devras il / elle / on  doit  devait  dut […]

Reading Strategies for Modern Languages

  Reading Strategies for Modern Languages The readings selected during this semester were designed with two purposes in mind: (1) To provide information you are capable of understanding. (2) To give you confidence in reading in the language you are studying. Before reading, you should determine what your purpose for reading is, as this will […]