Folium: 267 MPH on the Shanghai Maglev Train via BoingBoing

Folium: 267 MPH on the Shanghai Maglev Train via BoingBoing A few years ago I co-supervised a small group of study abroad students in southern Spain, and we had the unique opportunity to take the regional train (Renfe) from Sevilla to Granada. Our options were limited, but before even considering public transit we first researched taxis, […]

Spanish Vocabulary: Travel – Basics

… Identify Spanish Vocabulary: Travel – Basics el vocabulario español: viajar – los básicos Travel and tourism terms are used in basic navigation. Gain the freedom to explore new places. … Connect LEAF Spanish Grammar: Nouns – Basics … Study la aduana : customs La aduana busca material extranjero. Customs looks for foreign material. el […]