Aero: David Whitt – Costa Rica 2016 – Travel

… Firsts started happening immediately for me when we started traveling, as I had never even stepped foot in an airport prior to the trip, so every single thing in the airports were firsts! Something interesting to me was that they had snacks and beverages on the plane. I thought people always bought their own […]

Aero: Ana Northrop – Costa Rica 2016 – Travel

… I don’t think I’m good at the actual travel part of traveling. I’m good once I get to my destination. An example of this was when we were at the airport to leave for the trip and after going through security I lost my plane ticket.  It was a small struggle to get another […]

Aero: Alysa Halsey – Costa Rica 2016 – Travel

… This trip was the first time I have ever traveled out of the country. Actually, it was only the second trip I’ve ever taken a plane to get to. So not only was I scared about flying in general, but it was quite a long plane ride to our destination. The first time I […]

Aero: Sarah Warner – Costa Rica 2016 – Travel

… Choosing to go on this trip is probably one of the best decisions that I made during my college career.  I knew that it would be fun but I did not understand how much I would actually be learning and it ended up being an experience of a lifetime.  I have traveled without my […]

Aero: Brianna Cardina – Costa Rica 2016 – Travel

… We traveled to so many places. First, it was the city of Alajuela, where we stayed with our host families. There, we would simply walk to our destinations with the help of a map or be driven places by our host families. We explored all of the downtown by foot, and found many interesting […]

Aero: Brianna Jackson – Costa Rica 2016 – Travel

… Traveling was one part of this cultural experience that I wasn’t worried about. Getting into the country wasn’t as bad as I thought it would have been. If anything, it was easy. Spending roughly five hours on a plane wasn’t pleasant, but it was bearable. Arriving in country was easy and simple as well. […]

Aero: Tiffany Bane – Costa Rica 2016 – Travel

… During the trip, I experienced many forms of travel. I have taken airplanes, buses, and taxis all before, but international travel is quite different. … … For me, international travel via airplane was very similar to traveling within the US on a plane. One difference between international and domestic travel is that when you […]

Aero: Kelly Bailey – Costa Rica 2016 – Travel

… I have left the United States once before this trip so I was prepared for the long airport lines and running to catch flights. Someone always gets held up by security at some point. When flying to Costa Rica we had little to trouble. Same when we left Costa Rica to enter Nicaragua. The […]

Terra: Versailles, Je Vous Adore

Terra: Versailles, Je Vous Adore

… My adventures in Versailles lasted from late October to mid-December. Versailles is a large city, which is about a ten minute drive from Paris… If there is no traffic. In reality it probably takes around a half hour to an hour if its rush hour, or there is always the train. The Versailles palace […]

French Vocabulary: Travel Accommodations and Amenities

… Identify: French Vocabulary: Travel Accommodations and Amenities le vocabulaire français: l’hébergement et l’aménagement du voyage Traveling abroad is an excellent way to learn more about other cultures! Learning how to make travel arrangements in French will enable you to easily travel to every French-speaking country and beyond! Being able to communicate your accommodation and […]