French Vocabulary: Hotel and Resort Facilities – General Terms

… Identify: French Vocabulary: Hotel and Resort Facilities – General Terms le vocabulaire français: les équipements hoteliers – des termes généraux Study: Knowing the terms for describing hotel and resort facilities (les équipements hôteliers) can help you identify and reserve the lodging accommodations you desire while traveling. Knowing these terms can also help you ask […]

French Vocabulary: Talking on the Phone

… Identify: French Vocabulary: Talking on the Phone le vocabulaire français: parler au téléphone Standard terms and expressions for  telephone communication. Make appointments, reservations, travel arrangements, and chat internationally. Talking on the phone is an important skill in any language, including French!  Learning standard French questions and responses to use on the phone will allow […]

French Vocabulary: French Meals

… Identify: French Vocabulary: French Meals le vocabulaire français: les repas de la journée The French love their food!  They take a lot of care in preparing meals and spend lots of time at the table to enjoy them!  In fact, the traditional multi-course French meal is so ingrained in the culture that in 2010 it […]

French Vocabulary: Travel Arrangements

… Identify: French Vocabulary: Travel Arrangements le vocabulaire français: l’organisation des voyages Travel and tourism terms are used in basic navigation scenarios. Gain the freedom to explore entire cities and beyond. Study: Traveling abroad is an excellent way to learn more about other cultures! Learning how to make travel arrangements in French and knowing the […]

French Vocabulary: Ordering in a Restaurant

… Identify: French Vocabulary: Ordering in a Restaurant le vocabulaire français: commander dans un restaurant Terms and expressions used while dining out. Discover great food around the world and how to eat it. Study: French-speaking cultures tend to dine out as much, if not more, than other cultures around the world. It’s a great way […]

French Vocabulary: Ailments and Symptoms

… Identify: French Vocabulary: Ailments and Symptoms le vocabulaire français: les maladies et les symptômes Ailments and symptoms identify the effects of being sick or wounded. Identify and name conditions to communicate with medical professionals. Study: Knowing medical ailments and symptoms can keep you informed in emergency situations, help others and yourself in medical environments, […]

French Vocabulary: Reptiles and Amphibians

… Identify: French Vocabulary: Reptiles and Amphibians le vocabulaire français: les reptiles et les amphibiens Reptiles and amphibians are found all over the world.  Learn the French words for some of them! Study: un alligator : alligator Il y a beaucoup d’alligators en Floride. There are a lot of alligators in Florida. un crapaud : […]

French Vocabulary: Large Animals

… Identify: French Vocabulary: Large Animals le vocabulaire français: les grands animaux There are names in French for all the animals in the world.  Even the big ones! Study: un âne : donkey Un âne est plus petit qu’un cheval. A donkey is smaller than a horse. une baleine : whale La baleine vit dans […]

French Vocabulary: Small Animals

… Identify: French Vocabulary: Small Animals le vocabulaire français: les petits animaux Cute is cute, in any language. French people keep dogs and cats as pets, too! Study: un castor : beaver Les castors construisent des barrages. Beavers build dams. un chat / une chatte : cat J’ai un chat noir et une chatte blanche. […]

French Vocabulary: Insects

… Identify: French Vocabulary: Insects le vocabulaire français: les insectes You can’t escape from bugs all over the world! Study: une abeille : bee Les abeilles font le miel. Bees make honey. une araignée: spider Je n’aime pas les araignées. I don’t like spiders. un cafard : cockroach Nous tuons tous les cafards. We are […]