French Listening Task Index

All French Listening Tasks, Scripts, and Questions from The LEAF Project are free and open under the Creative Commons License. CC Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International

Listening Task Directions

  • Listen to a listening comprehension selection in the target language.
  • Assess your listening proficiency skills in the the target language.


  • This is a short exam-style task designed to utilize what you have learned in this Learning Module.
  • There are a wide variety of question types, each designed to assess a different style of listening comprehension.
  • You may repeat this task as many times as you like. The task will ALWAYS keep the highest grade. 100% is possible on this task!
  • Any attempts submitted after the due date in the Course Calendar will register as “0”. This will NOT impact any previously graded attempts.
  • There is NO TIME LIMIT, however you can’t just walk away from the computer. The system has an inactivity time limit, so you’ll have to complete this task in one sitting. You may not save your progress.

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