About The LEAF Project

Who are we? :

The LEAF Project (The Language Education Access Foundation) is a focus of Didactic Tactics LLC, which is owned and operated by Professor Michael Van Etten at Finger Lakes Community College. One person, with a lot of help from dedicated colleagues, students, and friends.

No, really, a LOT of help…

What does The LEAF Project do ? :

The LEAF Project provides Creative Commons licensed language learning materials online, for free!

Where does The LEAF Project operate:

Home is in New York. But we also travel to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Spain, France, and Germany for our materials.

How does The LEAF Project pay the bills? :

The LEAF Project provides low-cost custom print materials for students in a variety of educational settings. (High School, College, Homeschool, etc.). Contact us for more information about bringing LEAF into the classroom!

Why provide all of this for free? :

College textbook prices for Spanish and French courses, including digital content, were too becoming too expensive for our students. Most would say that “there’s nothing we can do”. We disagreed. We made The LEAF Project.

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Who can I contact? :