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All French Literature Selections from The LEAF Project are protected under Public Domain or Creative Commons License(s). CC Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International

Reading Task (Literature Task) Directions

  • Assess your reading proficiency skills in the the target language.


  • Read the linked literature selection from The LEAF Project. (Link below).
    • (Assigned Author/Work Goes Here!)
  • These reading selections have been chosen from paragons of Francophone literature. They are the authors and works you’ll most likely hear about in future studies, travels, and … on Jeopardy.
  • Each page will contain additional Resources for you to learn more about the author and the work in question. Follow the links and learn more. (You may find this helpful before you read the selection).
  • After you have read the passage, answer the following questions to the best of your ability in the ENGLISH language. (French submissions are also acceptable, but not the focus of this task).


  • Answer the following questions using your own words, thoughts, and perspectives.
  • Feel free to only answer relevant questions, as not all questions may apply to the author/narrative.
    • Who is the author? Where is the author from? Does the birthplace/origin/place of residence of the author affect their writing? How?
    • When in history are we? Does the author write about the past, current, or the future?
    • What is the narrative about?
      • Does it feature a character?
      • Is it written to someone, something, or some place?
      • What happens in the narrative?
      • What is the central theme to the narrative?
    • Why do you think the author wrote this? Convince me why this piece is a paragon of French-language literature? How would you explain it to a non-French speaking friend? “Why should I care about this?”
  • Target should be about one page, 350 words (give or take).
  • Quality over quantity!


Use a proper heading for your submission.

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  • Line 2: Class Designation (SPN101-U1 WINTER SESSION; FRN202-90 SPRING SESSION; etc.)
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