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French Kahoot Index

Kahoot is an online gaming platform, custom-tailored for the classroom!

We love it. It’s one of the best educational-gaming platforms we’ve ever seen. So we made a ton of open Kahoots for everyone to use! Enjoy!

  • Before the game begins, make sure to RANDOMIZE QUESTIONS and ANSWERS.
  • We recommend the you show the GAME PIN throughout the game session.
  • Remember, Kahoot requires students to have (or share) mobile devices like phones, tablets, or laptops.
  • Send your students to KAHOOT.IT (website) to join your game session.


Make sure to RANDOMIZE questions and answers before starting the game!

Academics – Kahoots
Animals – Kahoots
  • Coming soon!
Automotive – Kahoots
  • Coming soon!
Civics and Government – Kahoots
  • Coming soon!
Clothing and Fashion – Kahoots
  • Coming soon!
Common Objects – Kahoots
  • Coming soon!
Descriptive Functions – Kahoots
Family Members – Kahoots
Food and Dining – Kahoots
Global Concerns – Kahoots
Holidays and Celebrations – Kahoots
Hotels and Resort Facilities – Kahoots
  • Coming soon!
House and Home – Kahoots
  • Coming soon!
Idioms – Kahoots
Idiomatic Expressions – Kahoots
Medical – Kahoots
Navigation and Travel – Kahoots
Numbers – Kahoots
  • Coming soon!
Places – Kahoots
Professions and Titles – Kahoots
  • Coming soon!
Public Safety – Kahoots
Recreation and Leisure – Kahoots
Social Scenarios – Kahoots
  • Coming soon!
Technology – Kahoots
  • Coming soon!
Time Expressions – Kahoots
Verb Lists – Kahoots

Occupational Culinary Arts
  • Coming soon!
Occupational Horticulture Professions
  • Coming soon!
Occupational Hospitality
  • Coming soon!
Occupational Medical Professions
  • Coming soon!
Occupational Viticulture and Enology
  • Coming soon!
Occupational Chem. Dep. Counseling
  • Coming soon!