Modern Languages @ FLCC: France Study Abroad

FR2015 Application

FR2015 Application

Download the ML@FLCC: France Study Abroad 2015 Application Packet!
(Application and initial deposit due September 2015. Get started now!)

Contact BARBARA.KRUGER@FLCC.EDU for more information!

What Can I Expect When I Study Abroad With FLCC?

First and foremost, FRN175 @ FLCC (French Study Abroad) is an opportunity to experience French culture and daily life while having the adventure of a lifetime!

  • 3 credit-hour course! (SUNY credits transfer as humanities – liberal arts)
  • Excursions to historical sites around the Brittany, Normandy, and Paris regions!
  • City tours featuring museums, cathedrals, basilicas, markets, and cultural events.
  • Home-stay accommodations with local host families.
  • A wide selection of restaurants, markets, and local food.
  • Free time to explore as you please!

What to see in France!
(Destinations and activities may vary from year-to-year due to cost, weather, or logistical complications…)

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