eSports at FLCC - Academic Eligibility Requirements

eSports at FLCC – Academic Eligibility Requirements

eSports at FLCC - Academic Eligibility Requirements

(rev. 14 JULY 2020)

9.1 : Definitions of “Academic Eligibility”

FLCC eSports participates in a wide variety of collegiate competitive eSports leagues, each with their own rules and regulations. However, as a unifying practice, FLCC eSports will enforce the following policy in regards to “academic eligibility”. As a rule, these guidelines take precedence over collegiate league rules.

9.2 : Standards of Progress

Finger Lakes Community College requires students to maintain a standard of progress to keep matriculation in a degree program and eligibility for financial aid. Good academic standing is important to all students. In order to be in good academic standing and to be making academic progress toward a degree or certificate, a student must meet a minimum cumulative grade point average according to the table below. At least once each semester, students are encouraged to meet with their faculty advisor or with a counselor in the Academic Advising, Career and Transfer Services office to review their academic progress.

If the standard of progress is not achieved at the intervals noted below, a student will be placed on academic probation. A student who fails to meet the College’s Standards of Progress for two semesters in succession is not in good academic standing and may be academically dismissed from FLCC.

In order to remain in good academic standing students should minimize these types of grades: F (failing), U (unsatisfactory), I (incomplete), NA (never attended), W (withdrawal) AW (conduct withdrawal), and X (administrative withdrawal).

Minimum Institutional Cumulative GPA.

    • GPA 2.0 – [C] Grade.
    • NOT on “Academic Probation” at FLCC during the semester of play.

9.3 : Additional Requirements

Coaches reserve the right to enact additional policies for academic standards including mandatory academic study hall attendance, student support center sign-ins, or other types of academic verification. We want all eSports players to maintain an institutional GPA of 2.0 and above. Students that fall below a GPA of 2.0 risk game substitution, suspension, or removal from league rosters.

9.4 : “Starfish Reports”

While cumulative GPA scores are calculated on a semester-by-semester basis, program leadership also reserves the right to substitute, deactivate, or suspend students from practice or play if a student receives a negative “Starfish” (or any other type of) academic performance report. Students may reactivate their status if their performance improves and is verified by their instructor(s).