FLCC eSports - Expectations and Requirements

eSports at FLCC – Expectations and Requirements

eSports at FLCC – Expectations and Requirements

(rev. 14 JULY 2020)

5.1 : Expectations

FLCC eSports represents the best that FLCC has to offer. While career statistics and rank are taken into consideration, elements such as character, responsibility, punctuality, decorum, academics, ethics, and teamwork are just as important. 

We look for character, responsibility, punctuality, decorum, academics, ethics, and teamwork.

This is a team sport, with team mechanics, and a team mindset.

We would rather field low-ranked players who work well together
than high-ranked players who disrespect each other and the College.

5.2. Collegiate League Roster Eligibility Checklist

  • Applied, accepted, and enrolled as a full-time, matriculated student at FLCC.
  • Full-time status. Enrolled 12 credits or more during the semester of collegiate competition.
  • Academic “Good Standing” with the college, cumulative institutional GPA over 2.0, at the time of team/roster registration. Students on “Academic Probation” can not compete in collegiate leagues.
  • Proof of academic eligibility for collegiate competitive league. (If required by organization).
  • Signed FLCC eSports tryout application and acceptance. (Online).
  • Signed FLCC Athletics medical history form. (Online).
  • Signed FLCC Student Code of Conduct and FLCC Athletics Code of Conduct. (Online).
  • Complete compliance with FLCC Academic Code of Conduct
  • Complete compliance with FLCC Athletics Code of Conduct.
  • Compliance with Code of Conduct for collegiate competitive league (If required by organization).
  • Title IX training, scheduled, in-progress, or complete.
  • Main game account in good standing. No restrictions or bans.
  • Acceptable game account nickname / tag, subject to FLCC eSports approval.
  • Players and teams registered with collegiate competitive league.
  • Team function and role approved by Team Captain, Manager, or Coach.
  • Meets all attendance requirements for practices / sessions.
  • Meets all sportsmanship and conduct requirements at all times.