FLCC eSports - Program Resources

eSports at FLCC – Program Resources

eSports at FLCC - Program Resources

(rev. 30 JULY 2020)

2.1 : Equipment

2.1.1 : FLCC eSports may provide access to lab equipment to facilitate gameplay for team members. This may include, but not limited to, computers, monitors, keyboards, mice, mouse pads, headsets, microphones, cameras, USB hubs, cables, consoles, docks, controllers, cabinets, bins, and other accessories required for sanctioned FLCC eSports practice and competition.

2.1.1a : In cases where the Gaming Lab(s) may not be accessible for extended periods of time, FLCC eSports may provide the use of eSports Bins for home-use. eSports bins includes a plastic bin, keyboard, mouse, headset, USB Hub, USB Audio Adapter, USB Cables, and a Mousepad. Students will be expected to treat this equipment with the utmost care, in accordance with equipment policies outlined in the FLCC eSports Codex. Students may be held liable to equipment damage incurred while in their possession. Priority will be given to students who have applied and have been accepted to the program, meet all academic eligibility requirements, and are actively practicing and playing with an eSports team. Students that do not return equipment, or only return individual parts of the bin, may have academic holds placed on their FLCC account, in accordance with FLCC Athletics equipment policies.

2.1.2 : Students and staff are always encouraged to bring their own gaming gear to practices and matches, but may not store them in the Game Programming and Design Labs or other classroom spaces. Students and staff are required to use provided USB hubs as to not interfere with the keyboard and mouse cabling already in place by FLCC Instructional Technology.

2.1.3 : Students and staff may not place open food or drink items (open containers) on the workstation tables. Tables are provided in each room, away from technology, to place food and drink items.

2.1.4 : Students and staff may not change the setup and hardware configuration of the computers in the Game Programming and Design Labs or other instructional spaces. This includes changing the physical location of the computers themselves, unplugging cables, changing cable ports, or interfering with the workstations in any way not designated by FLCC Instructional Technology.

2.1.5 : Students and staff are not permitted to install any software that has not been approved by FLCC Instructional Technology. This includes games, media players, trainers, editors, services, and other types of software in accordance with FLCC IT Acceptable Use Policy.

2.1.6 : Students and staff are expected to treat equipment with the utmost respect and care at all times. Use of this equipment is a privilege extended to all FLCC eSports members, provided they earn it with proper decorum and behavior. Mistreatment of any computer equipment at any time will result in revoked equipment privileges and possibly further punitive measures including practice suspensions, match suspensions, and possible team ejection at the discretion of program leadership. This includes hitting, slamming, throwing, grabbing, kicking, or other intentional or unintentional abuse of FLCC eSports or FLCC IT furniture and equipment. Students are also discouraged from abusing their own equipment in accordance with the FLCC Student, Athletics, and eSports Codes of Conduct.

2.2 : Space and Scheduling

2.2.1 : The FLCC Gaming Lab and other lab/classroom spaces are not our own, and are generously allocated to us by FLCC Academics, FLCC IT, and FLCC Facilities.

2.2.2: Teaching and classes always have top priority for room use. Therefore, most rooms and spaces will be occupied by classes during the day. Most spaces become available for play after 5:00pm, but exceptions may occur from time to time.

2.2.3 : All eSports activities must be held in spaces reserved and allocated to us by FLCC Facilities. eSports may not “take over” rooms and labs to hold practices, matches, or events. Planning and forethought is key to making this relationship between FLCC IT and eSports work well.

2.2.3a : The FLCC Student Lounge (2nd floor, across from Student Life) is NOT a sanctioned space for FLCC eSports activities. There have been NO reservations or accommodations made for us to utilize this space for gameplay. However, the college has quietly decided to let students use this space as long as it does NOT interfere in daily activities. We caution all students to not abuse this trust the college has placed in us.

2.2.4: Room reservations and allocations may be made by Team Coaches or the eSports Director. (Student) Team Managers may not make room reservations on their own, but will need the authorization of an FLCC faculty or staff member affiliated with FLCC eSports.

2.2.5 : Generally, at the beginning of each academic semester, team leadership will meet in order to organize practice and match times. Time and space are limited, so priority is given for matches with practice times whenever readily available.

2.2.5a : There may be times when eSports programs practice in the same room at the same time. All students are expected to treat each other with respect, in word and action. Please maintain reasonable volume levels so that both programs may communicate effectively.

2.2.5b : Team Leadership may permit eSports members from any program to work or practice at unoccupied stations, at the leader’s discretion. If a student receives such permission, please respect the practice/match in progress and keep disruptions to a minimum.

2.2.6 : Due to limited space, room priority will be given to teams that have scheduled intercollegiate matches. We encourage all teams to schedule events, practices, and scrimmages around official matches and programs, whenever possible. Teams will have 30 minutes, before and after, scheduled match times for setup, takedown, and cleaning, before the next team occupies the space.

2.2.6a : In the event that multiple teams have scheduled intercollegiate matches at the same time, FLCC eSports will do our best to accommodate. Please remain respectful to all others in the room, and keep voice communications at a reasonable volume.

2.2.7: Due to the extremely close proximity to office and learning spaces, eSports members will be expected to closely monitor their language, volume, and activity levels at all times. Any infractions and complaints will be treated as a violation of the FLCC Student Code of Conduct.