FLCC eSports - Program Uniforms and Apparel

eSports at FLCC – Program Uniforms and Apparel

eSports at FLCC - Program Uniforms and Apparel

(rev. 14 JULY 2020)

8.1 : Proper Attire

Program leadership and team members will be expected to wear FLCC eSports apparel on Open Houses, Club Table Days, Public Events, Team Photos, Tournaments, Gatherings, Meetings, Matches, and generally on Fridays, before weekend matches. Any exceptions must be discussed with the Coach or Team Manager before any exemptions are made.

8.2 : Clean and Neat

Team members will be expected to keep their apparel clean and neat for events and functions. Follow washing instructions carefully, and wash often. Avoid unseemly stains and smells.

8.3 : Representation and Achievement

Wearing an FLCC eSports t-shirt, or Varsity eSports team jersey means that you physically represent the college in word and deed. You become an example of what FLCC eSports stands for, and serve as an example for all FLCC eSports members. It is an earned-privilege to wear the name of FLCC on your uniform, and we trust that you will positively represent the college in person and online.

8.3.1 : FLCC eSports Performance T-Shirt (x2).

  • This is earned when prospective team members are accepted into a collegiate competitive team roster for FLCC eSports by completing all given requirements on the FLCC eSports Roster Eligibility Checklist (see section 4.2). Shirts are awarded during the first semester of preseason / tournament play. Apparel may be awarded in the Fall or Spring semester, depending on the season of entry into the program.

8.3.2 : FLCC eSports Varsity Team Jersey (x1)

  • This is earned when varsity team members complete one full semester of collegiate preseason / league play at FLCC, and are registered in a second semester of collegiate league play in the following semester. In addition, team members must have remained compliant with all codes of conduct, registration requirements, and all academic eligibility requirements. Team Jerseys will be awarded at the beginning of the Spring Semester.

(At this time, only Overwatch is recognized by FLCC Athletics as a Varsity Sport.
FLCC eSports 
hopes to elevate more programs to Varsity status as we move forward.)