FLCC eSports - Team Practices

eSports at FLCC – Team Practices

eSports at FLCC - Team Practices

(rev. 14 JULY 2020)

6.1 : Scheduling

eSports programs will practice together, on campus at least once a week. Physical presence on-campus is imperative. Most practices are mandatory, and attendance is required in order to compete. Dates and times to be determined by the Coach or Team Manager at the beginning of each semester. In case of hardship, the Coach or Team Manager reserves the right to modify this rule on a case-by-case basis.

6.2 : Physical Attendance

eSports players enjoy the opportunity to practice the game from any location with adequate internet access. However, gathering as a team offers unique opportunities not feasible with remote practice. Physical attendance will be required as per the direction of the Coach or Team Manager

6.3 : Non-Team Members

During official practice times, the eSports team will practice together as a team. Players not affiliated with the eSports Program at FLCC are not permitted to join or spectate practices or matches, online or in person, while official practices are in progress. However, Team Managers, Coaches, or other program leadership members may allow spectators, online or in person, on a case-by-case basis.

6.4 : Practice Focus

Team Practices are opportunities to work on communication, collaboration, and specific skill sets required for player development. Expect training on individual game-elements, game modes, play styles, maps, heroes, and other areas of knowledge. Practices will include more than just scrimmages.

6.5 : Practice and Scrimmage Streaming

Practices or scrimmages may be streamed by FLCC eSports on an FLCC eSports sanctioned Twitch account and/or by individual team members (with an appropriate delay as per collegiate tournament guidelines). We remind team members that their audio and video may be recorded and reviewed during these streams and students will be strictly held to the FLCC Student and FLCC Athletics Codes of Conduct. This includes all forms of inappropriate language, vocal and written, in any chat space.

6.5.1 : All FLCC eSports sanctioned streaming accounts will be heavily moderated during gameplay by Team Managers or program leadership. Any disruptive, abusive, or negative “toxic” viewers will be muted, banned, or permanently removed from the channel. 

6.5.2 : All FLCC eSports players who choose to stream team practices or scrimmages will be asked to heavily moderate their chat channels. Channel contents or chat interactions / logs are subject to the FLCC Student and FLCC Athletics Codes of Conduct. Students may wish to disable chat channels during gameplay

6.6 : Friends Lists

Team members are encouraged to add each other to friend lists and play together whenever possible. Team members are free to edit these lists as the semester ends. Discord may be used to collaborate and communicate among players whenever possible.

6.7 : Absences, Lates, Conflicts

Please notify the Head Coach or Team Manager of any absences or late-arrivals via Discord. Absent or late team members run the risk of being removed from matches, at the discretion of the Team Coach or Team Manager.