eSports at FLCC - Program Tryouts

eSports at FLCC – Program Tryouts and Scheduling

eSports at FLCC - Program Tryouts and Scheduling

(rev. 14 JULY 2020)

4.1 : Season Scheduling

4.1.1 : Many eSports organizations practice and compete in both the Fall and Spring semesters. Some Collegiate Leagues run a “Preseason” in the Fall and a “Regular” season in the Spring. On rare occasions, students may be asked to attend official practices or compete during the Winter or Summer sessions at FLCC, but will be notified with ample time to prepare.

4.2 : Tryout Scheduling

4.2.1 : Tryouts for eSports programs will be held in August or September of each academic year. Additional ad-hoc tryout periods may be added during the academic year and in the beginning of the Spring Semester (January or February). Each tryout period will include at least two different days and times to accommodate student scheduling. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the eSports Director, Team Coach, or Team Manager. Specific dates and times will be announced via the FLCC eSports Discord server, announcements, posters, and other public media outlets.

4.3 : Tryout Application Form

4.3.1 : Tryouts are supervised by the Staff and Student Leaders of FLCC eSports. All applicants must be approved by the FLCC eSports Director and/or the FLCC Athletics Director. The following online eSports Tryout Application Form will be provided via Google Docs, FLCC email, or the FLCC eSports Discord Server.


When deciding rosters and compositions, no single metric is more important than others.
Game rank is not the sole deciding factor in program acceptance or team composition.