Gemini – Course Materials and Access – LEAF

Gemini - Course Materials and Access - LEAF

Gemini – Course Materials and Access – LEAF

Gemini – Materials Philosophy
The LEAF Project (The Language Education Access Foundation) is a focus of Didactic Tactics LLC, which is owned and operated by Professor Michael Van Etten at Finger Lakes Community College. Professor Barbara Kruger contributes a great deal to the development of Spanish and French materials, and our students often contribute additional resources as part of their studies.

Gemini faculty are also encouraged to contribute as many resources as possible to diversify LEAF materials!

The LEAF Project’s website does not require any login, password, or book code. All lessons, activities, and resources are free to use at all times. Any student, in any course, can access any page on LEAF at any time. The site is also Chromebook and mobile-compatible.

The LEAF Project also provides print textbooks for student use. These books are designed to be owned and used by individual students, and should not be reused by teachers/districts. We set the price of these textbooks at $20 and have held this price for 5 years running. Students are encouraged to write, highlight, scribble, doodle, and most importantly – use – these textbooks in their day to day studies. The paper textbooks are designed to be a complementary resource when engaged with LEAF online resources, giving students a place to write notes while engaged with online content.

In accordance with SUNY guidelines, all schools must provide this textbook for students in each course, to achieve parity with FLCC course offerings. Textbooks are not to be reused or reissued.

Gemini – LEAF Textbook SKU and Version Numbers 
(2018-2019 Academic Year) 
  • French I – (FRN 101) : FLCCFREN101V3
  • French III – (FRN 201) : FLCCFREN201V3
  • French IV – (FRN 202) : FLCCFREN202V3
  • French V – (FRN 203) : FLCCFREN203V3
  • French VI – (FRN 204) : FLCCFREN204V3
  • Spanish III – (SPN 201) : FLCCSPAN201V3
  • Spanish IV – (SPN 202) : FLCCSPAN202V3
  • Spanish V – (SPN 203) : FLCCSPAN203V3
  • Spanish VI – (SPN 204) : FLCCSPAN204V3

For the 2018-2019 Academic Year, textbook prices stand at $20, (tax exempt). Please contact the FLCC Bookstore for ordering information and support.

Textbook orders can be taken as soon as July 1st of the upcoming academic year. We STRONGLY suggest that school districts place their orders as soon as possible due to extremely heavy workloads in August and September. Orders received in late August and September may be delayed up to 14 days, and possibly subject to a workload surcharge.

(rev. 15 OCTOBER 2018)