Aero: Autumn Clearwater-Day – Costa Rica 2015 – Epilogue


Aero: Autumn Clearwater-Day – Costa Rica 2015 – Epilogue
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Aero: Autumn Clearwater-Day – Costa Rica 2015 – Epilogue

My expectations of Costa Rica had been proved incorrect and correct. My fear of living with my host family turned out to be my most cherished experience in Costa Rica. The memories I have made in Costa Rica with my host family will never be forgotten.



I was so nervous about speaking Spanish and I was able to take a chance in practicing my Spanish. I learned new Spanish words, and reminded of old words that I had forgotten. It had taken me awhile to finally open up and speak Spanish. Through speaking and taking chances with words and phrases I became more confident. I was able to push through the fear of making mistakes to really enjoy practicing my Spanish. Through speaking I was able to learn more than I would through observations. By visiting Costa Rica it’s been a motivator to keep learning Spanish. It is so amazing to know that I can speak another language and I am able to communicate with people from another country.

Costa Rica has taught me so much about life in another country. I was able to taste new foods that I hadn’t expected to eat in Costa Rica, like empanadas and casados. I got the opportunity to test my fears on the Sky Trek Zip line through the rainforest. Through my observations I have learned a vast amount of the biodiversity and animals in Costa Rica. I am amazed at the opportunities I had to experience the wildlife in Costa Rica.


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There is the phrase “pura vida” that Ticos use each day and the emotional atmosphere of the people is so free and full of joy. Pura Vida means Pure Life, it’s a constant reminder to live in a relaxing and calm way. There are no words to describe the way Costa Rica changed the mood of myself and the people. The best way to understand the lives of Ticos and the area they live in is to experience it first hand. My adventure was more awesome than I had expected and I was able to push through fears, have courage and experience life in different way.

Autumn Clearwater-Day
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