Aero: Autumn Clearwater-Day – Costa Rica 2015 – Travel


Aero: Autumn Clearwater-Day – Costa Rica 2015 – Travel
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Aero: Autumn Clearwater-Day – Costa Rica 2015 – Travel



I never traveled internationally. It would be a new experience that I thought might be a little confusing. On the plane we had to fill out a sheet to present once we landed in Costa Rica. After boarding off the plane we had to go through a customs. The customs reminded me of the customs to cross into Canada back home. They looked at my passport, stamped it and then let me walk to baggage claim. Before stepping out of the airport I had to get my baggage re-screened then I was free to go into Costa Rica.

When I first stepped out of the airport there were red taxis lined up along the streets. I was amazed at how many taxis could be parked right outside the airport; at home people usually call the taxi ahead of time or there are two to three taxis at the maximum waiting at the airport. Once I was in Pablo’s bronco one of the first thoughts I had was “driving in Costa is crazy”. The rules of driving in Costa Rica is much different than the ones in the United States. Cars could drive bumper to bumper, didn’t always stop at stop signs and pedestrians did not have the right of way.

When I walked along the streets there were taxis lined up at all hours, and drivers would ask people if they wanted a ride. I also had to watch carefully every time I crossed the road because drivers would not stop for me. I always enjoyed watching the motorcycles cruise through the streets. The motorcycles didn’t have to wait behind cars and would swerve around people and cars. Drivers would also use their horns more than in the United States; usually the horn means thank you, hello or watch out.


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When I first rode the public bus I was completely confused. I was dropped off at the bus stop and it was crowded with people, buses, and cars. I waited in a long line while people paid the bus driver and I dug for the right amount of change. Once I was sitting on the bus I would watch people dig in their pockets and purses for change; what if they didn’t have the right amount to get home? Many people rely on the bus for transportation for many different reasons and it seems like such an annoyance to find the money each time. Then after paying for the bus, you had to watch for your stop. The bus would stop many times for drop offs and pick ups, so people would have to watch carefully for their stop.

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