Aero: Claire Darling – France 2014 – My Expectations

Aero: Claire Darling - France 2014 - My Expectations

Aero: Claire Darling – France 2014 – My Expectations
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Aero: Claire Darling – France 2014 – My Expectations

Claire Darling

Claire Darling

Globalization is a topic that gains more relevance with each passing day. To me mean this means that becoming a more globally aware person will be an increasingly important characteristic to have in life. Ultimately it means that I would like to take every opportunity possible to travel and learn about different cultures. When I saw “France Study Abroad” listed as a course at FLCC I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t know that this opportunity was out there and I was so excited to take it. My interest in France began when I started taking French in school. Not only is the language beautiful but the culture and the land itself is so unique. It is fascinating to think that the culture and the buildings in France are hundreds if not thousands of years older than the United States and contain so much more history. I never thought I would actually get to go to France, especially at this age, and I think it will continue to seem unreal until I get there.

Right now I am filled with excitement about our trip. It will be my first time traveling to Europe so I’m not sure what it will be like but I know I’ll love it. I expect to be overwhelmed by the beauty and the age of everything I see in France. I also think that it will have a completely different atmosphere and a kind of magical feeling. When I think of France I picture people relaxing at sidewalk cafes, eating fresh delicious food, enjoying fine wine, browsing open air markets and overall just taking time to enjoy life. I don’t speak French fluently but I am not too worried about communicating with people and I hope to improve my skills. I can’t wait to try new foods and meet and talk to local people.

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I think that staying with a host family will make my experience in France much more authentic and less “touristy.” I already know that my family lives on a large cow farm in Vitré and it will be cool to see the difference between a rural area and a big city like Paris. I am interested in observing the daily rituals and lifestyle of my host family – how and when they eat meals, who cooks, do they spend a lot of time as a family, etc. It will also be interesting to see what a French school is like and the differences in material and teaching techniques. I can’t wait to see what it’s like to live life in France.

Studying abroad in France is an amazing opportunity for me to learn about another culture, meet new people, challenge myself, and get a different view of the world. I have very few expectations of what will happen in France and I want to focus on keeping an open mind and taking in all my surroundings. I would like to meet new people with different views and outlooks on various aspects of life. I also expect to learn about French culture, why it is so important to French people and how it can be preserved despite globalization. I hope to improve my French speaking skills, effectively communicate with the people I meet, and leave them with a good impression of Americans. I am not sure of what major or career I would like to pursue in the future but I have a huge interest in other languages and cultures. I think that this trip will help inspire me as far as what I would like to do and lead me to new opportunities. Overall I expect this to be an amazing and unforgettable experience that will help me grow and become a more globally aware person.

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– Claire Darling

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