Aero: Kayli Schocken – France 2014 – Food and Dining


Aero: Kayli Schocken – France 2014 – Food and Dining
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Aero: Kayli Schocken – France 2014 – Food and Dining


Kayli Schocken

Two words come to my mind when I think of food in France; carbs and sweets. I still wonder how French people are so thin with all the delicious food they eat. Breakfasts in France are usually very small. It usually consisted of some sort of pastry such as a croissant or bread and some sort of sweet spread on it. I usually had a croissant with Nutella or Speculoos butter on it. Coffee isn’t really a staple in French diet as it is in America. I had a hard time with that, as I am a huge coffee drinker. The French are much more into espresso, which is so much stronger and took me awhile to get used to.  I definitely missed my coffee every morning, but being in France made it worth it. There wasn’t much snacking throughout the day. 

Lunches are pretty similar to lunches in America. At the first two days at the high school, the lunches were normal school lunches, except more of a selection. We had pasta the first day and potatoes and meat the second day. We found out later that it was lamb, which made me a little sad because I grew up around sheep however, it wasn’t that bad. There was a huge selection of sides and desserts too. My favorite dish was the Croque Monsieur. It’s basically a ham and cheese melt covered in cheese with an egg on top. I got that three different times when we went out to restaurants. I also got to try authentic French onion soup, which is so much better than America’s. The dishes we ordered from restaurants didn’t usually come with sides and were usually smaller than those in America. It was also so strange not to tip the waiters and waitresses. 

ML@FLCC France 2014 Flickr Gallery

ML@FLCC France 2014 Flickr Gallery

Dinners in France have a very similar set up to American dinners. Fanny’s mother made many delicious meals in the week I stayed with her family. One night we had chicken in cream sauce, rice and veggies. Another night we had pasta. There was always French bread and croissants and immediately after dinner there was always dessert that was fresh from the local bakery. One night Fanny’s mother made fresh crepes for dessert, which was my favorite. Nothing in this world beats authentic French crepes. 

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– Kayli Schocken

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