Aero: Kayli Schocken – France 2014 – History and Culture


Aero: Kayli Schocken – France 2014 – History and Culture
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Aero: Kayli Schocken – France 2014 – History and Culture


Kayli Schocken

The minute you step off the plane in France, the culture surrounds you. The first thing I noticed about the culture of France is that everyone is always on the go. There’s always something to go and do in France.  It’s a very fast paced culture compared to Americans. Many French take up an art or instrument such as ballet to do in their spare time. It’s not until mealtime when the French seem to relax and take their time. I was actually kind of surprised at how many kind people I met. I have heard that the French tend to be much more reserved than Americans, and often times Americans find them rude. I learned that its just part of their culture to be less open at first. Once you get to know the person, they open up. I met lots of interesting and wonderful people. The French also seem to be able to function a lot better on little sleep than Americans. But I also couldn’t really tell if it was me or the jet lag. 

History plays a huge part in French culture.  Everything is just so old. And it’s the most beautiful thing. In America, when we think of “old” in history, we think of the 1800’s. But in France, buildings and streets and towns all date to 900, or even earlier. Just that Vitre’s “town hall” was really in an old castle, is just one example of how history plays into everyday French culture. 

ML@FLCC France 2014 Flickr Gallery

ML@FLCC France 2014 Flickr Gallery

I love their appreciation for other cultures too. French people my age are much more interested in American culture than American’s are interested in French culture. They told us it was more popular to like American music than French music.  It was also really nice how the French respected the Americans who lost their lives in their country. I never knew how many American soldiers are buried in France from the World Wars. The American cemeteries such as Normandy among many others were so well maintained and absolutely breathtaking with rows of white crosses and beautiful flowers.

I really admire the French’s love for history and culture. They preserve traditions far better than Americans could ever dream of. Every single church/cathedral we entered was so well maintained and absolutely breathtaking. The Louvre was so large and filled with the most beautiful art from all over the world. 

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– Kayli Schocken

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