Folium: Downhill Bike Race in Valparaiso, Chile via BoingBoing

Folium: Downhill Bike Race in Valparaiso, Chile via BoingBoing

For your viewing pleasure, filed under awesomeness. This is an urban, downhill, mountain-biking event in Valparaiso, Chile. Follow the link to BoingBoing and enjoy the video!

If you’ve ever seen a map of Chile, you can understand how events like this are pretty commonplace. A long, thin, narrow country composed of topographical extremes, Chile has great surfing, fishing, skiing, hiking, and mountain biking. It’s a country that’s made for extreme sports. Chile also boasts the kind of political and economic stability that can attract extreme sporting events from around the world.

And that’s your reflection of the day, people doing awesome things around the world! Americans don’t necessarily wear the crown of awesomeness everywhere we go. The “World” of Red Bull indeed covers the entire world. Sports like snowboarding, skiing, biking, running, rock-climbing, and more don’t require you to speak any one language! Get out, travel the world, and take your gear with you! Speak the international language of sport and meet awesome people from all over the planet!

Also, dude, bump that video up to 720p HD and make it fullscreen. It’s enough to make me nervous in my own living room! The quote is also classic.

“As I watched this, I kept tilting my head up to see what was coming down the road, but it didn’t work.”

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