Folium: Food From Around The World via The Huffington Post

Folium: Food From Around The World via The Huffington Post

Folium: Food From Around The World via The Huffington Post
Creative Commons Image via Reddit / Imgur

Folium: Food From Around the World via The Huffington Post

In 2012 Michelle Obama introduced legislation that would revise public school lunches in an effort to bring America’s children back to healthy living and eating habits. The legislation called for more fruits and veggies, less sodium and fats, and a calorie limit for each meal. Many students, especially athletes, were outraged to find that their school no longer provided meals that would sustain their growing and active bodies.

There have been protests and news coverage on the subject, but some of the best evidence that I’ve seen in support of the initiative actually comes from Reddit.

Naturally, students have been taking their complaints along with their photographs to the internet, documenting what is being served as a typical school lunch. Students from around the world have also been keeping track of what their country normally serves for lunch, resulting in a slideshow comparing global public eating trends.

Link: See school lunches from around the world!

In a time when nearly 17% of America’s children are obese, GMO crops are frequently headlining news publications, and world hunger is still a current issue, it comes as no surprise that our food is being monitored. But I’m curious to know: How are other nations measuring up to our dietary habits?

After reading the article and viewing the slideshow, be sure to click on all the links (Jon Stewart’s response is my favorite take on the matter), and weigh in with your opinion on America’s food choices in comparison to other countries. Tell me what you think about the efforts of our government to keep us healthy!

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