Folium: July 4th Celebrations Around the World via

Folium: July 4th Celebrations Around the World via

Folium: July 4th Celebrations Around the World via

 Folium: July 4th Celebrations Around the World via

Today commemorates the birth of a nation, and just because it’s an American affair doesn’t mean that the party stops at the borders. The 4th of July is celebrated by people around the world.

“The United States of America” is no longer just a country, it’s now a culture and lifestyle that permeates across the globe. People from the United States can be found in almost every nation, and we bring our culture with us wherever we go!

Tonight, fireworks will light up the skies in all 50 states. Here are other places across the globe that will share in the celebration!

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Many of the celebrations in Europe take place at American military bases. Others are high-traffic American tourists spots where the locals understand how to increase the travel traffic during the July 4th period. Whoever creates it, and for whatever reason, it’s still unique to celebrate an American holiday in Europe! All events in this article, even those on military bases, are open to the public!

Germany. There are quite a few places in Germany to celebrate July 4th American style!

1. German-American Summer Fest. This festival lasts for a week, ending July 8th. Here you will find fireworks, but also a karaoke competition, rides, live entertainment, and great food and drinks. The event takes place in Mannheim. Mannheim is located in the Southwest portion of Germany, where the Rhine and Neckar rivers meet.

2. Heidelberg’s July 4th Summer Bash. The Summer Bash lasts from 4 to 11 pm, local time. You can win some great prizes including a savings bond. Did you know that the Mannheim- Heidelburg region in Germany has the highest concentration of American military posts in Germany! Heidelburg is situated near Mannheim, in the Rhein-Neckar Triangle area.

3. USO Trip in Stuttgart, Germany. This is a trip, which starts with a visit to Mainau Island, a beautiful garden area. Other activities include a ferry ride to Meersburg, a scenic town on Lake Bodensee. The excursion ends in Patch with a brilliant fireworks display.


1. La Segra Americana in Vicenza. Each year, Vicenza offers an American celebration of July 4th. The activities start at 2 pm, and include music, contests, races, plenty of food, and a dunking booth. You can also find live country and rock music and a soccer game of Americans versus Italians. Of course, the fireworks start at 10 pm! The festivities take place at Caserma Ederle.

2. Aviano, Italy. Here, at the Aviano Dragon Fitness Center, you will find twelve hours from noon to midnight of carnival rides, live music, and a chili cookoff. Fireworks start at 10 pm. Aviano is mostly an American military base situated near Venice in Northeast Italy.


Lajes Field, Azores. Do you even know where the Azores are? They are islands situated off the coast in the Atlantic Ocean. Lajes Field is the location of the 65th Air Base Wing American military unit. It hosts support for the Department of Defense of the US and other allied nations for aircraft in transit across the Atlantic. Fourth of July festivities include live music, food booths and games, and fireworks at 10:30 pm.


Celebration in Feltwell. A carnival takes place each year, as well as pony rides, food stands, live bands and dj’s. The fireworks start at 10 pm. The cool thing about this event is that the British are joining the Americans for celebrating their independence! Last year, the event hosted over 22,000 people, at the Norfolk military installation.

And in our other resources, you’ll find Beirut, Milan, Shanghai, The Netherlands, London, and even more! Make sure to check out the links for more photo galleries!