Folium: Resources for Cheap, Free, and Paid Travel via Escapenormal

Folium: The Best Resources for Cheap, Free, and Paid Travel via Escapenormal

Folium: The Best Resources for Cheap, Free, and Paid Travel via Escapenormal
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The Best Resources for Cheap, Free, and Paid Travel via Escapenormal

Just a few decades ago traveling the world was a privilege exclusively granted to those with wealth. According to information gathered by the U.S. Department of Commerce, now over 30 million americans travel abroad each year, and in 2011 alone, over 62.7 million international visitors landed in the U.S. from foreign countries. The forecasted numbers for international travelers are expected to rise by at least 10 million over the next five years. This sharp rise in numbers is due to the unsurprising fact that world travel is becoming more affordable, more accessible and ultimately more sought after as time passes.

Travel can certainly be expensive, but one of the world’s best kept secrets is that it really doesn’t have to be. In January 2013 I studied abroad in Costa Rica for a little over two weeks. As a low income college student, I was lucky enough to receive donations from family and friends while funding the rest of the trip through financial aid and personal savings. Considering all we got to do, traveling with the school was cheap and easy. Most everything was planned out ahead of time and we toured the country guided by natives who had an intimate working knowledge of the land. In that respect, imagine volunteering for a living stipend or actually working in a place where they pay you to help out for a specific cause! Staying in a foreign country, even if only for a week, will definitely allow you a deeper understanding of what it is like to live there.

This article highlights 24 tried and true organizations that can help you explore the globe for little to no money. From working on organic farms to babysitting mansions, this eclectic list of opportunities will have you scouring the web and researching outdoor work, volunteer work or student internships that will undoubtedly change your perspective on life forever.

It is also highly recommended that in addition to familiarizing yourself with the organizations listed on Escape Normal, you should check out the book “How To Become The Jack Of All Travel.” If you’re going to explore the world, you might as well discover as many options as you can and create a plan before you head out. I promise: Once you get a taste for travel you’ll never be able to rid yourself of the irresistible urge to experience the world!

Have any other ideas on how to travel for cheap? Have you ever used any of the services or methods mentioned in the article or book? If so, share your stories, experiences and comments with us!

Alyssa Davis, LEAF Intern


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