Folium: What’s In My Suitcase via Mr. and Mrs. GlobeTrot

Folium: What's In My Suitcase via Mr. and Mrs. Globetrot

Folium: What’s In My Suitcase via Mr. and Mrs. GlobeTrot

Folium: What’s In My Suitcase via Mr. and Mrs. GlobeTrot

Spending six months in Europe sounds amazing, doesn’t it?   So many sights, sounds, food and photos lie ahead.  The only obstacle between you and a life-changing experience is your empty suitcase.

With the new laws regulating what constitutes carry-on luggage, what you can take on the aircraft and the size of checked baggage, compounded by those outrageous baggage fees, travel packing has become much more than deciding what pants go with what blouses.  Spirit Airlines can charge $100 for one piece of checked baggage!  That’s a lot of pressure on the eve of your foreign adventure.

Mr. Globetrot

Mr. GlobeTrot

So, imagine trying to pack for six months of travel, planning for different seasons and special occasions, and taking only a suitcase, a knapsack and a carry-on!  Packing can be especially difficult for women.  Let’s be honest; men are much more easy-going about what they wear and what products they use, so on a long trip they have it easier.

Julia and Yuriy describe their packing process and offer great tips that can help anyone preparing for a half year abroad or a short weekend in the country.  Their first piece of advice is not to procrastinate.  Plan ahead—way ahead—with a list, and start adding to your suitcase as you go.  This way, you will be absolutely sure not to forget anything and you will prioritize what you take.  Another tip:  Julia took a backpack with essentials with her on the plane.  She recommends keeping your passport, money, ID, tickets and essential medications within easy reach at all times.  How much and what type of clothing offered more difficult decisions.  Julia made sure to pack neutral clothing that all would match together.  She also packed items that could be layered, depending upon the weather.

Mrs. Globetrot

Mrs. GlobeTrot

Heavy winter clothing takes up a lot of room in a suitcase.  So, even with all of their wonderful planning, both Yuriy and Julia ended up purchasing heavier winter clothing and boots when they arrived in the Ukraine in December.  Julia outlined a few more mistakes she made, like not bringing enough underwear!

Packing is a difficult process, making decisions that you need to live with for however long your trip will be.  Take heart, most things can be found or replaced on the road.

Have you ever taken a long trip, and struggled with packing decisions?

Have you ever overpacked or underpacked for a life on the road? Let us know in the comments below!

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